Field Test Immune Defense Game

Middle School & High School Students and Teachers: Field Test Immune Defense Online Video Game 

To participate, read the following and then register here.

MICDL is working in collaboration with Dr. Melanie Stegman developing an online video game called "Immune Defense.”   Together with related learning activities, Immune Defense will teach students about cell biology, biochemistry and immunology.  More specifically, students will learn about: proteins, receptors, cells, the immune system; how cells work together to track, destroy and warn other cells about pathogens; the affinity of molecules for their receptors; random diffusion of molecules in a space; how cells respond to signals, differentiation and gene regulation.  These advanced concepts are presented in a game format. Short episodes of interaction draw players into a more complex situation. Concepts are scaffolded over the course of the game. 

RECRUITING FOR Spring of 2014

In schools this Spring and Summer:  We are testing the game for how much it engages your students as well as what they remember after playing.  Your students will play the game or a control game (CSI: The Experience) and then take an online survey. 

The evaluation will require three class periods.  On the first two days, your students, divided into two random groups will play one of two games.  On the third day, all students will take an online test of knowledge and survey of confidence.

All responses are confidential, teachers can have access to the answers if they wish.  To participate register here.

Teachers whose classes (20+ students) implement the protocol as outlined will receive a $150 honorarium in the form of an Amazon gift card. 

If you are interested in just playing the game and don't wish to participate in any field testing.  Please contact game developers at to be sent the beta test version as soon as it is available.

We will be testing experimental version of the game as well, and looking for player feedback.  If you would like to register your class for a 1 day experimental testing session (In June/July) then please use the same registration form

If you have questions, please contact Abby Manahan, Maine International Center for Digital Learning, at or 207-370-7338.